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Al-Nawawi Arbain or Arba'in An-Nawawiyah (Arabic: الأربعون النووية) is a book which contains forty-two hadith options prepared by Imam Nawawi [1]. Arba'in means forty but actually there are forty-two hadith contained in the book. This book along with the book Riyadhus Shalihin regarded as works of Imam Nawawi's most well-known and accepted Muslims worldwide. The book is a favorite among students to start memorizing the hadiths of the Prophet before turning to books bigger.

Imam Nawawi really choose hadith which became the foundation of the Islamic religion in compiling the book Arba'innya. Antarake-42 in the hadith is the most core is, first Hadith: Hadith intention, that intention depends Practice; Hadith 2: Hadith of Gabriel containing pillars of Islam, Pillars of Iman and Ihsan Pillars; Hadith-6: About Halal, Haram, and doubtful; and Hadith 9: Working appropriate command ability.

There are several reasons that show the importance of the position of the book of al-Arba'in An-Nawawiyah this:

Covers most of affairs and needs of Muslims in the world and in the Hereafter good of the faith, law, sharia, muamalah and morality.
Is a collection of prophetic narrations option, and is jawami'ul kalim which has primacy in the discussion short and dense.
Hadith-hadith is a unity that became scope of Islam, either half or a third or a quarter [4].
Widely used by scholars to teach Muslims even become the main backrest in providing an understanding of Islam that some scholars concerned with the hadiths and mensyarahnya more detail.

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