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The VuSitu Mobile App connects to In-Situ® Inc. instruments for collecting water quality and quantity data. View, store, and email field data from your phone and tablet. Run Low-Flow sampling events in an easy-to-use managed workflow.

With the VuSitu Mobile App, you can:

• Interface with select In-Situ Inc. instruments
• Gather real-time water quality and water level data
• Create logs and manage log data for your Aqua TROLL 600 instrument
• Run Low-Flow tests with your Aqua TROLL 600 or smarTROLL device
• View data for conductivity, optical dissolved oxygen (DO), ORP, pH, turbidity, water level/pressure, and temperature
• Calibrate your instruments
• Associate site data with Google® Earth maps
• Tag sites with GPS coordinates
• Select measurement units
• Store data to phone
• Email data files

VuSitu is currently available for the Aqua TROLL™ 600, smarTROLL™ Multiparameter, and smarTROLL™ RDO® Handheld Instruments which are used in environmental, aquaculture, groundwater, and surface water applications.

Note: VuSitu is compatible with Aqua TROLL™ 600 firmware version 1.18 and above. Please use the latest Win-Situ 5 to update your Aqua TROLL™ 600 firmware if needed, found at