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In our day to day life we have faced many times low battery in phone, but worst happens when we plug the phone and leave it and come back after an hour just to realize it isn't charged. Reason can be many such as:
- Someone intentionally or unintentionally disconnect the charger
- Due to Power failures.
- Due to Faulty cable.
- Due to Lose port.
- When charger is loosely connected and gets disconnected by itself after u leave it for charging.

Do you face problems mentioned above? Charger Disconnect Notify is the solution.

How Charger Disconnect Notify app is useful?
By simply clicking on the On/Off button, Charger Disconnect Notify can activate or deactivate, if it is activated then it can alert you by ringing an alarm, as soon as your charger gets disconnected.

Hence by using this app you can simply relax and need not have to come and check periodically to see if it is charging or not as Charger Disconnect Notify will assist you. Stay updated as it is going to get more and more features added on to its wings very soon as our team is working on it!!

New features added for you to choose :
-Notifies you when battery is full charged to 100%.
-It can also be used to notify when battery is low, so that you can plug in charger to connect before it gets completely drained.

Enjoy hassle free way of charging using Charger Disconnect Notify!!