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The street food scene is heating up in San Diego. Influenced by the movement in Los Angeles and New York, Food Trucks burst onto the San Diego scene and have left their delectable mark.
What began with just a handful of trucks, the San Diego food truck phenomenon has now grown to well over 60 trucks. Each food truck has its own flavor, personality and diehard followers.
This app showcases the various food truck events and rallies being held on a weekly basis all throughout San Diego. If you want to know where a particular truck will be at any given time throughout the day, click on the Food Trucks tab and you will be presented with the list of over 60 Food Trucks. Once there, click on the twitter button and you’ll be presented with their real time updates.
Bon Appétit.

Food Trucks San Diego App Features:
* Direct twitter access to 60+ food trucks in South Florida
* Complete list of the weekly Food Truck Events in the San Diego area & nearby cities
* Ability to map your way to the nearest event
* Android Widget which counts down to next event

What Our Users Say:
“I recently moved to San Diego from New York, where I was very much into the Food Truck scene. I got a chance to beta this app and it was really useful in helping me find all the local trucks and the weekly food truck rallies & events.” – Armando C.
“I absolutely love Food Trucks. This app is going to come in handy!” – Joyce G.
“Very classy app” – Ron Burgundy (just kidding)…