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One-way messaging for organizations.

Hedzup offers the most effective solution to team communication. With Hedzup, organization leaders can send one-way messages to specific groups of people, ensuring the right people receive the right information, every time.

Whether you’re the leader of a global business or an active member of a local sports club, Hedzup offers a wide range of benefits for both organizations and followers.

•One-way messaging: Unlike group chat, recipients don’t reply, keeping all communication simple and to the point.
•Approved followers: Only those that you approve to follow a group will receive your messages.
•Unlimited groups: You can tailor your communication into categories or topics using Hedzup’s unlimited groups.
•Easy to manage: Hedzup’s intuitive design means that you’ll never have to worry about wrong numbers or outdated mailing lists.
•Easy to delegate: You can assign group leaders to manage your groups for you and send messages on your behalf.
•Adaptable: As your organization grows, it’s easy to change or add groups and group leaders.
•Spam-free: People choose to follow groups that are relevant to them, and can unfollow at any time, ensuring they never have to receive unwanted messages.

For more information about Hedzup, visit http://www.hedzup.net.