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Tired of ad filled calorie counters? Tired of constantly be bombed with upgrade requests? Tired of paying $5 or $10 a for upgrades? Tired of complex and difficult to use apps? Now for only ONE DOLLAR, you can count calories and track your diet the fast and easy way.

Hello, my name is John and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I started using calorie counters a long time ago, but became frustrated with the poor design, constant ads, and the selling of my data to big corporations. So I decided to create my own app, written by me, and tailored to fit my needs. So go ahead and give it a try and thank you for stopping by.

Here are some of the features:

Quickly add calories from the front page.

Track your diet. See how many days left, how much you need to lose.

Get access to 8,000 food items, without going online. See critical nutrients.

Customize your front page with a slideshow of pictures and your own personal quote.

See a graph of your progress.

Email your data to your doctor or fitness trainer. Saved in a spreadsheet.

No accounts needed, no ads, no invasion of privacy, your data belongs to you.

If you want more information go over to my website and check all the screenshots and help videos!