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Golden Rain is a casual game based around collecting golden raindrops. You collect points every time you collect a golden raindrop. Each level has a point threshold that has to be met to complete the level. If you get hit by normal raindrops, it will take a certain amount of health points from you. If you run out of health - game over. Your health will rejuvenate as time goes on and in later levels you can get health bonuses. You can also get a Rocket pack and a Umbrella. The Rocket Pack fits to the rear of the boat and will give you a super boost for a set period of time. The umbrella creates a halo around the boat that protects you from the rain. If you combine the two together this can be a great bonus as you can zoom across the screen collecting a lot of points with out getting harmed and also removing the rain drops.
This is the free version of the game. Another version is in the pipeline with further bonuses and levels. If you like the game please vote and leave feedback. This is a Beta version so please don't be too critical if you encounter errors, but please let me know.

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