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What's this app all about?

Worried? Stressed? Frustrated? Or just not feeling at your peak? Whatever you're doing, the Calm Mind app will relax your body, calm your nerves, and refresh your mind.

The app works by focusing your attention on your breath. You simply breathe, watch the images and numbers, and count as the app instructs. It's that simple. And that powerful.

In just seconds, you will be more alert, clear-headed, and aware.

At your own pace …

Here’s how it works. First, you set the app to match your natural breathing pace, with a single touch. You can choose a guiding voice to help you focus. And you can re-set the app to follow your rate of breathing at any time. Nothing technical, nothing fancy.

… and in your own time.

It takes less than one minute to complete one session. And it only takes a couple more to complete the cycle of three. Easy.

Choose well

The app helps you focus on the experience of the physical sensations in your body. Doing so allows the thoughts that clutter your daily life to melt away in your mind. And this in turn gives you the clear-headedness to respond to everyday challenges with greater clarity and confidence.

Discover how the Calm Mind app can give you a calm mind.

But don't just take our word for it. Download it now.