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Animal Sounds and Ringtones is a free app that you can use in multiple ways:

1) Teach your kids how various animals sound like (real life, natural animal sounds). Also great for immersive storytelling.
2) When feeling somewhat naughty, you can use these sounds to confuse your pets or other animals. ;) Try it, you’ll love their funny reactions!
3) You can play games with your friends & family (can they recognize that animal?)
4) Set a new awesome ringtone on your device for calls or notification sounds.

• Over 90 high quality sounds in various categories (domestic and farm animals, wild animals, birds and even dinosaurs!). You can enjoy listening to dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, lions, bears, various birds and much more.
• Set as ringtone, notification sound (SMS, email), or default alarm sound (tap and hold the desired ringtone for the options menu to pop-up)
• Easy to use navigation
• All ringtones are available off-line so you don't need an internet connection after installation

Enjoy this virtual zoo and let us know if there's anything we can improve for you! Thanks! :)