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> Everyone wants the camera to capture every single moment that we were. That time we found insta selfie camera collage app which is so useful for your selfie collage.
> Insta selfie camera collage app provides instant selfie collage maker, which is beautifully set on your DP or profile picture.
> You can instant click of one or more photos and instant making of DP with collage.
> Set different emoji upon beautiful photo editor.
> Different effects of the photo applied on image.

> Let's understand their use:
• Camera / Gallery:
- First, you can choose the photo from the camera or gallery. Before you choose the image, You'll need to pick up as many as collage option.
- After we choose the collage option, the statistics of collage will be liked by you as many pictures you'd like from camera or gallery.
- If you choose camera then you can instant capture on camera together all the images from the selected statistics of collages.

• Setting :
1. Camera type
We have two options for camera front and back. You can choose anything and make a selfie camera collage.
2. Handle Camera
We have two option for capture the picture one is custom and auto. Auto option is automatically capture the picture and custom is manually click the picture as you want in time duration.
3. Capture Time
You can set timer for clicking the image from camera and set on collage and make beautiful insta selfie collage.
4. Camera Sound
You can turn on or off the sound of the camera during the capture image.

> Insta selfie camera collage app completely free to download.