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Mate the new Instagram Photos and videos or tube downloader for Instagram social network, it’s a tool for Instagram to helps you to save Instagram photos and videos or tube on your device; you can now save all Instagram videos and Instagram photos to your device easily and keep them forever.
With this app, you can quickly view Instagram photos and videos or tubes offline by downloading them, and just by using Photos and videos or your tubes downloader for Instagram app, you can after downloading them from Instagram you can quickly repost them, share them with other apps like WhatAapp, Facebook, Imo, Youtube if you have right or all chat and video call apps.
Features :

  • You can use Photos and videos downloader to download multiple pictures and videos to your device from Instagram.

  • All videos and photos download are saved to your device with caption and hashtag, you can view them offline and share them or repost them to Instagram.

  • Get all detail about every post, copy caption or hashtag, save or share them to other people or repost all post to Instagram.

  • Photos and videos downloader for Instagram optimized to fast download file, and download all videos and photos in one time

  • With Photos and videos downloader for Instagram you can repost, share, delete element from app itself in offline mode.

How to use app

  • Run the Instagram video downloader

  • You will show a notification that explain that app is listen to Instagram

  • Click on the Run Instagram to open Instagram

  • On the Instagram, for every element to want to download choose the: copy share URL

  • Once you have selected all images and videos you want to download, just go back to the app, and you will find all selected media

  • Click on every element on the list

  • You will get a new window, just choose what you want, copy caption, tag or download the media

  • Once media download, go to the menu if the app, and choose ever video or photo, and you will get a list of all media that you have downloaded and click on it, you will get a new window with options, view element, repost, share ...

  • Enjoy Photos and videos downloader for Instagram and please mail your suggestion and reclamation to us.