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instanews is a crowdsourced local news app that empowers anyone to be an eyewitness news reporter and brings people together around nearby breaking news. Instantly share local news photos and videos with your community, and easily discover the latest news near you in real time.

Report breaking news - instanews is the most effective way to share photos, videos and information with your neighborhood in real time.

Citizen journalism - instanews empowers anyone to be a citizen journalist, and can enable you to cover local events and report the latest news from your own perspective.

Social news - instanews acts as a local social network, bringing nearby people together around hyperlocal news stories and enabling them to discuss current news in real time.

Eyewitness news - all news stories on instanews are open for collaboration, and a single story can contain content from hundreds of different eyewitnesses. By harnessing the true power of the crowd, instanews provides detailed multi-perspective coverage never before seen in the local news industry.

Top news - users can vote content up and down, allowing the community to self-curate as well as to determine the most significant breaking news stories.

Community news - we believe that well-informed communities are strong communities. Our user-generated news app is designed to facilitate communication between neighbours and to bring neighbourhoods together around local events and issues.

Real news - instanews gives everyone a voice regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, or class. Our mission is to empower communities and better connect people to the latest news of interest. Please help us on this mission and join the crowd!