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Your baby is clean and fed, but you can find no way to put it to sleep? Singing lullabies to children is proven to be a safe way to sweet dreams, and now you can play sleep songs for kids whenever and wherever you want, with the help of ♪Instant Baby Sleep Music Box♪. This free music app for cell phones and tablets contains a playlist of soothing sounds for babies and popular nursery rhymes that babies, toddlers and preschoolers simply adore! Try playing “baby sleep songs” through the night and your kid will fall asleep instantly! Wish your little infant a good night, press a button and let free baby lullaby songs be played on your phone all night long!

✪ Best baby sleep songs & bedtime songs for kids!
✪ Put your little baby or toddler to sleep instantly!
✪ Free music box app for your mobile phone!
✪ Set the timer, choose an interval from five or fifteen minutes, up to three hours, or let it play throughout the night!
✪ Soothing music and sweet lullaby lyrics!
✪ “How do I get a baby to sleep” is a question that will never pop in your mind again!

Babies and small children need a lot of continuous sleep, but sometimes they simply don't want to go to bed. “Instant Baby Sleep Music Box” consists of relaxing sleeping melodies which will help your kid calm down and go to sleep instantaneously. Soothing sounds of “baby bedtime songs” and lullabies cause sleepiness and help kids fall into a dream in a moment. Get troublesome and sleepless nights over with, put your newborn in the crib, place this “baby sleep music box” in its room, set a timer or let it play all night long, and be sure that your kid will have long hours of sound dream. Ensure that your little kids and toddlers go to bed in time without singing lullabies for yourself, and make bedtime a pleasure. Kids lullaby music does wonders for your dream, too. Bring yourself back to childhood and let be soothed and lulled into a sweet dream like a lamb.

♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪♫

Lullaby songs for babies and toddlers boxes usually contain sweet relaxing music that positively affects your kids' nervous system. Moreover, playing beautiful nursery rhymes and “lullabies for toddlers” to children from an early age is useful for the development of kids' musical talents and sense of rhythm. This “free music box for babies” offers you plenty of nursery music and rhymes which consist of beautiful lullaby lyrics. These kids' rhymes and lyrics box will “lull your baby to sleep in an instant”, and toddlers and preschoolers will learn them by heart, sharing them with their toddler friends as something they are proud of. Songs to put a baby to sleep instantly are here for you, in this free app with goodnight lullabies and sweet dreams music for kids and adults. Download Instant Baby Sleep Music Box and have your children go to sleep in a real instant!

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Kids just love lullabies, so give them the pleasure of listening to beautiful nursery rhymes, songs for children and goodnight lyrics! This music box easy to download, do it this instant and you’ll get a perfect combination of “sleeping music” and kids lullabies accompanied with educative rhymes and lyrics that will solve all your night problems. Help yourself with nights and nights of long and sound dream, thanks to the “baby music box” with lullabies and songs for bedtime. No matter if your kid is an infant, a toddler or a preschool boy or girl, download Instant Baby Sleep Music Box, a free app with soothing lullaby music and have an enjoyable bedtime and sweet dreams.