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Introduction part:
Are you all bored of old fashioned chatting /Instant messaging Apps. It’s time to a Revolutionise the History of chatting. Instant Hi: The Interest chat –A Real time chatting experience on your Interest. Your Chatting is no more restricted to known ones. It’s gonna be quite crazy this time. So Let’s chat….
There are lots of people in the world, so many all around. But To whom you would like to talk/chat with & who can be your besties are, those Who think like you, share similar hobby, Interest, Taste, Mind. Who laugh with you, make you feel easy. May be you wanna talk , flirt, love, listen, Share with ..They can understand you better than anyone else in world. so let’s find them
Like minds are always attractive, A student wanna talk a student. A funny guy with another funny one or a girl with a boy. What tied them together is the common Interest they share. Instant Hi lets you to connect with them through a unique, Interesting, Innovative way. That is “keyword” you type. anyone in the world who type the same “keyword” would be in your contact list. For example if you typed “flirt” , anyone who typed “flirt” will be in your contact list ,now chat with them and can also add them as friends forever. If you find them Annoying, block & start searching another interesting guy. Meet more unknowns, but of your type.
Instant Hi is an innovation by NIT Allahabad alumni's. 100% made in India and in service of “Digital India”- a proud of every Indian.

1. Instant text chat & Image Sharing
2. Keyword List: Buddies who have typed same word as you have entered i.e. this list contains all people who have typed same keyword as you have typed
In case no user is found, then it shows suggestions on which other user are logged in or using currently
3. Personal Message with friend list buddies or keyword list buddies
4. It makes chat experience more interesting. You can't get bored even whole day n night.
5. A very unique Concept of chatting based on interest, existed never before. A finest innovation of all times.
6. You can find exact location to which you are currently chatting by GPS based mechanism. It is as exact that your home, street etc. can be identified easily.
7. Get pre knowledge about traffic jams by the people who are actually there, so you can hassle free drive. Type road name ,number ,place, chauraha etc . chat & be informed. Even If its not a car free day, you can still drive fast.
To know how: visit or see images attached below.
7. You can have fun with people who are at shopping mall, park, movie theatre, India gate, temple, metro station, recreational parks, college Campus, public, Party, songs, selfie , read savvy and the beauty is: even without actually being there on other side of coin , Being there could also be fun: type keyword name of "mall" then starts flirting with.. a kind of hide and seek (luka-chhupi) if things goes all well who knows you lands on a date.
8. You can tour all over the world's famous places, heritage sites, cultural monuments and all fun loving walking places in a “virtual tourism” or "digital tourism" i.e. you may be at room but virtually you can be anywhere talking with who are actually there.
9. You can support Protest(Dharna) by being online at a particular word, place, political reason like "intolerance" "reservation". Even you can support your religion, political party, trust, institution in similar ways.
10. Your institution, establishment's new contact or enquiry could be keyword "name of your org." then anybody can contact with you even without knowing your personal phone number or email address.
11. Contribute to “swachh bharat abhiyan”. Talk and share picture of unclean places. Awareness campaigns.
These are few user case scenario and could be many more. Skies are the limit with Instant Hi. If your interest are limit less so is Instant Hi.

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