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Instant Scholar : More than answers

Term paper due, and you haven’t started? Math homework got you stumped, and no one’s around to help? InstantScholar™ is for you. We give you instant help, but we also provide instant instruction. Get your work done faster, but learn while you do it.

Math: Simply enter a problem. We solve it instantly AND provide a step by step explanation.

Science: Instant, detailed responses to all your Science questions

Research: Just type in a topic and click on "Research It!". Instantly you will receive a list of quality screened sources…as many as you want.

Summarize: Need a quick summary of an ebook or long research paper. We’ll do that…instantly.

Plus: Your own cloud storage folder to collect all your work in one spot. And…voice recognition on all our features!

It’s all here to help you learn…instantly.