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TIred of calling, messaging, and recalling everyone to confirm just one plan. Its repetitive and tiring tasks like that, that put people off from making plans with friends. Instaplan makes planning a lot simpler and Instant. Whether it’s a big party, after-work happy hour, group dinner, or just a simple movie night. Using Instaplan will save you the time and headaches often associated with group planning.

What makes us different from all the other planning apps? We even have a built in camera app that allows you to take pictures which you can upload straight to a particular plan where all the invitees can view at

• No more waiting for responses from Facebook
• No more asking and reconfirming and asking again
• No more endless group texts!
• No more endless chats with seperate individuals just for a dinner!
• No more logging on to Outlook for an event
• No more asking for friends to tag your pictures on Facebook

Instaplan lets you create group plans in just seconds AND you’ll know within minutes who’s in and who’s out! It doesn’t get much easier than this.