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Secret App Lock Pro is Associate in Nursing golem app that protects your personal applications from unauthorized access.

It uses the front camera of the phone to want a picture of the entrant creating an endeavor to access the secured app.

★ Features:

- permits user to select out the apps to be protected from a list of all applications gift on the device

- Protects the apps exploitation numeric PIN protection

- Numeric PIN is additionally altered by the user

- Service is additionally enabled or disabled PRN

- permits locker to be started automatically once the device is powered on

- Stores the image of the entrant exploitation the front camera of the device in conjunction with the date and time of attempt

- SMS Service once enabled from settings, sends sms to the number of the person provided inside the settings with the message entered or the default message once someone enters wrong identification over 3 times

- Alert Service once enabled plays alert tone once wrong identification is entered over 3 times