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This application will allow you to use voice commands to communicate with any instrument (oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, DMM, etc) that is capable of sending and receiving commands over sockets. You can send commands to the instrument and even query the instrument for information. One of the best uses of this application is to use voice commands for the Run/Stop function so you can stop the instrument while using both hands to probe.

*Configure the instrument by entering the IP address and port of the instrument. (ensure the instrument is connected via Ethernet or WiFi and the Android device is connected to the same network, you may have to VPN into your company network). Use the "Test Connection" button to make sure you can communicate with the instrument.
*Enter any word that you would like to speak (example: "run", "stop", "query") and an associated command for each word (example: "ACQUIRE:STATE RUN", "ACQUIRE:STATE STOP", "*IDN?")
*Talk to your Android device and the instrument will obey.

The purpose of this version is to allow you to test all the features of the paid version, without having to pay anything, and then you can make a decision to purchase the full version. This free version does not automatically send commands to the instrument when it recognizes the user’s voice. When a voice command is recognized, a button will activate and you can press it to send the command to the instrument.

*User is limited to two voice commands. (example: "run" and "stop")
*Instrument Talk does not know what your command or query means or how long the response will be. It can handle most ASCII queries but binary queries will not likely work.
*Instrument and Android device must be on the same network (or virtually on the same network via VPN).
*Other audio tasks (such as playing music, alarms, notification sounds, etc) may not function while using this app.
*This application uses a constant connection to the internet and keeps an open microphone. On some devices, this may use substantial amounts of battery. Designed for phones and tablets!

Future Plans:
* Allow user to add more than two voice commands.
* Allow logical 'OR' or of voice commands (example: "run" or "start" to send ACQUIRE:STATE:RUN
* Allow the user to choose to keep the screen on (keep device awake).

The creators of Instrument Talk are not responsible for any damage, loss of property, loss of productivity, or injury that may result due to the use of this application. Some instrumentation are capable of producing dangerous voltages and / or currents and it is not recommended that you use this applications with such instruments. Some audio features including but not limited to alarms, notifications, and ringtones may be muted. If you do not agree to these terms and limitations, please do not install this application.