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Athlete Analyzer Judo is a collaboration platform for judo coaches and their athletes. AAJ is built with a strong focus on evidence-based coaching. To us evidence-based coaching
mean that coaches make decisions about training and tactics based on evidence (facts). We believe that coaches can make better decisions if they are based on facts rather than
guessing. The possibility for coaches to always have all facts about the athletes available lets them to be better coaches. Athletes’ training should be based on the strengths and weaknesses for each individual athlete which helps them to develop and enhance their own personal skill set.

Athlete Analyzer Judo help coaches and athletes in this process. AAJ highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete in the team, visualizes “hidden” patterns and leave very little left to chance or guessing. All coaches around the athletes can easily collaborate based on the same facts, give the athletes needed feedback and work together towards common goals.

If you want to know more about Athlete Analyzer visit our homepage or send a hello to

The Athlete Analyzer App is built to support coaches and athlete in their daily judo life. Below are some of the main features:

View your flow
Report your training
See your training schedule
Get notifications and reminders to report your training
Track your daily Wellness
Monitor your training load
Upload videos
View videos

View your flow
Schedule workouts for your athletes
Monitor your athletes’ training load and Wellness
View your athletes match videos