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EasyInsuranceIndia Provides various insurance calculators like Human life calculator,Tax calculator, Inflation calculator, Retirement calculator, Compound Fund calculator and EMI calculator .

Human Life Calculator provides average expected life time earnings of an individual, calculates the total income, assets, liabilities and future planning.

Income Tax Calculator calculates the taxable income 80 C, HRA , 80 CCE, 80 D, 80 E , 80 CCD , Provident fund , NSC , PPF , 80 G , 80 CCF , Pension plan etc..

Inflation Calculator provides monetary needs of a person post retirement.

Retirement calculators He/she needs at the time of retirement till the expectancy age. It also shows the future expense value after retirement.

Compounted Interest money multiplies arithmetically from the Principal amount and accrued interest amount can be reinvested for further gains.

EMI calculator to know EMI in short is the amount payable every month to the bank or any other financial institution until the loan amount is fully paid off.