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Get the stories, that matter to you, on your lock screen.

You glimpse at your lock screen at least a 100 times in a day. inSwipes makes it come alive, with images and stories that will enthral you.

inSwipes publishes stories on your lock screen to make you SEE - be Stimulated, Educated, Entertained

Experience following through inSwipes app:
1. "stories" on your lock screen. These are interesting reads about technology, business, fashion, lifestyle, health, deals, news and more.
2. Details just a swipe away
You can read stories right on your lock screen. If some story really interests you, swipe right to read it immediately without unlocking your phone.
3. Read the stories when you want
For those times when you really want to use your phone but a glimpse of an interesting story on your lock screen catches you off guard. Worry not, you can pin your stories in a simple swipe to read them later at leisure. All pinned stories are available for later reading inside inSwipes app on your homescreen or application drawer.
4. Sharing is fun
With stories so interesting, sharing them becomes a lot of fun. Be the one who knows and who cares, all in simple swipe. We make you SEE, you make them SEE.

A friend who wants to go through the details of an interesting story on your smartphone, let them have inSwipes SEE experience and read it right on your lock screen without worrying about safety of your personal data.

Lest we forget and you be so engrossed in inSwipes stories, you can still swipe up on your lock screen anywhere to unlock your phone, just like yesterday ;)