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Hello Beliebers !

We present a free quiz game that tests your knowledge of the lyrics & songs of Justin Bieber, like "Love Yourself","Purpose", etc..

- In the main menu, click the "Lets Play"
- On the menu quiz, click the button "Play" and listen to the voice.
- Check the clue of the answer on the top menu quiz: "guess the song title !" , "guess the lyrics !", etc .
- Type the answer by selecting the 12 letters available.
If your answer is correct, get ready for the next question.
If wrong, go back to the question.
- You may use these four "Help Buttons" :
1. "Ask Friend": ask your friends
2. "Skip Question": pass the question (coins reduced)
3. "ABC (x)": remove 3 unused letters (coins reduced)
4. "A (x)": show the first letter of the correct answer (coins reduced).
- If you find empty letters box, use as a space.
This empty letter box only appears if the answer consists of more than one word.
- Available 30 questions, from easy to hard.

- "YouTube": You could access to the official YouTube channel of Justin Bieber.
- "Google Play Store": You could access any games and other applications from us.
- "Refresh Icon": You could return the game to the starting position.

Don't forget ! always support your favorite artists by:
- Download / listen songs legally.
- Buy show tickets / CDs / Vinyls / original merchandises of Justin Bieber.

Have a nice play & share this app to all beliebers in the world :)
Thank you..

(Intan - App Studio)


1. This app is for entertainment purposes only, a fan-made app.
2. All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners.
3. This app is not endorsed by, or affiliated with Justin Bieber or their affiliated entities.

- Using Admob ads.
- Interstitial ads (pop-up) appears after these milestones:
the 2nd, 4th, 6th, ..., 28th and 30th of quiz answers.

Image credit by: pixabay.com