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Angry Shark Killer Attack

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Be a Angry shark and kill all the people like fisher man and hunt surfers.Choose your favorite shark with sharp teeth and move around the world of water.Swim around the sea and eat human flesh. This is a chance for you to explore the aquatic world and become a ferocious shark.Kill and hunt the people on boats, ships, Foot Bridge, swimming and playing in the water. Show your hunting skills and take out all your revenge.Complete all the exciting levels and become the dangerous shark.Be a predator, be a killer shark. Enjoy playing the adventurous game Angry Shark Killer Attack.
Game feature:
• Choose from various aquatic themes.
• Realistic water effects Bloody Gore Animations.
• Exciting Oceanic Levels.
• Classic Attack Game play.
• Easy to use controls FREE to play game.
How to Play:
Use the joystick to move around the game. Tap right button to jump.