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After release of DEAD ASSAULT 3D, this is our new generation series of ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK a 3D Zombie Killer Game. Enjoy the thrilling fun. A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread in around the city.
Get your sniper gun and target the zombies now! Swap your guns and zoom in to take a target down within the limited time.
Keep track of your health don’t let Zombie attack you. ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK game app is a easy, quick, addictive, simple, fun, and best of all it is FREE game. This game is incredibly simple. All your aim in the game is to shoot and that’s really simple to show you greatest strength.

It’s the perfect ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK game for killing little time with fun loaded. Killing the walking dead as you overcome different scenarios full of intricate challenges. Take your Sniper guns and assault weapons and hunt those living dead trying to prey on humans to save the world from a zombie world. Be ready for all kind of challenges, fire the gun to smash all the undead who dares to pass you way. Download the new breeds
of genetically mutated zombie’s game from ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK for FREE on Google Ply Store now.

How to Play:-

Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot.
Tap on left to navigate the area.
Follow the red arrow key to search target.