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Screen incoming calls - avoid telemarketers, phone spammers, and others you don't want to talk to with ease. And best of all - there's no subscription fee!

Instantly get the location of the incoming call when the phone rings (in the US, that's "City, State"). Works for 200+ countries - including the US, India, Australia, UK, just to name a few.

Got a call from "Tokyo, Japan" and you don't speak Japanese - don't answer.

Works offline! No data service required. Works on CDMA carriers (Verizon, Sprint, etc) that don't have data service during voice calls.

If there is data service, looks up the exact name of the caller (person or business). This works for many numbers in 14 countries (listed below).

Got a call from "Joe's pizza" and you didn't order a pizza? Send that to voicemail.

Displays a map of the incoming caller's location, too.

Speaks the incoming caller info aloud, first checking your contact list, then offline location search, then online search. When it's 9pm on a Friday, and your phone is across the room, and you hear "Call from Work" you know not to bother getting up. If you hear "Call from White House" you may want to answer that one.

The talking caller ID feature is great for in the car; the phone will tell you aloud who is calling so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Countries with detailed business/personal information:
United States

The application is Free Software available under the GNU GPLv3 license. The source code is available at Grab the code and submit some patches (bugfixes, features, easter eggs, whatever) if you feel so inclined!

If you have a problem with the app, please contact me and let me know! I do my best to make customers happy.

• directly call phone numbers: in the app, you can view recent calls, select an entry, and call it.
• full Internet access: needed to do online lookups
• read contact data: lookups are only done for incoming phone numbers that aren't in your contact list. Also, when the phone is ringing, the caller's name can be read aloud - and the contact list information is preferred over geographical or online lookups
• read phone state and identity: needed to tell when the phone is ringing so the lookup can be performed
• display system-level alerts: needed to display call information on the incoming call screen

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