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This app is responsible for calculation of magnetic flux density produced by a DC transmission line. The magnetic flux density is calculated on a horizontal plane vertically below or above the transmission line at a provided height. The user also provides additional specifications, such as: pole height, wire length, current, etc.

When any of wire density or weight per mile specification is known, the other can be calculated. Appropriate command buttons are provided for this. It is to be noted that the app uses wire density value during calculation.

"Number of discretization” allows the user to increase calculation accuracy through use of higher discretization numbers. Another parameter that may increase accuracy is “Number of transmission lines”. Since transmission lines stretch over very long distances, adding effect of neighboring transmission lines increases accuracy.

"Number of transmission lines” allows user to specify the number of transmission lines to be included in calculation. If an even number is used for the number of transmission lines, the app automatically converts it to higher odd number to make the problem spatially symmetric.