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What is 1Sheeld?
1Sheeld is a platform for Arduino that allows you to tap into your smartphone's sensors and capabilities and lets you use them in your Arduino projects. Basically, It is a hardware shield that sits on top of your Arduino board and communicates over Bluetooth to this Android app, to transfer data between it and your smartphone.

Instead of buying an accelerometer sensor, use the one in your smartphone, want to connect Arduino to the internet? no need to buy a WiFi shield, use your smartphone as a gateway to access the internet. 1Sheeld makes you use all your smartphone's sensors and capabilities for hardware prototyping.

What can you do with 1Sheeld?
The sky is the limit! You have a powerful Android smartphone that can be used to control your RC car, tweet when plants are thirsty, and have fun automating your environment.

Where can I buy 1Sheeld?
It is available through distributors worldwide, check our website to know more: http://www.1sheeld.com/buy

What is this app?
1Sheeld app is used along with our hardware shield to either control Arduino, read your smartphone's sensors in your Arduino sketch, post on social media, or even control your Android device.

Does it work with Arduino Mega, Leonardo, Uno and Due?
Yup, our shield should work with any Arduino board as long as it has the shields’ form factor and are compatible with Arduino Uno shields in general.

Is it open source?
Yes, all of the schematics, firmware, and this app are open source. Check out our Github account : http://github.com/integreight

Where can I find your Arduino library and its documentation?
You will find of all of the required resources, libraries, documentation and tutorials on our website:

What are the shields you are giving me access to right now?
Currently, you have access to around 40 shields. Here is a list of them:
1- Accelerometer Sensor
2- Buzzer
3- Camera
4- Clock
5- Color Detector
6- Data Logger
7- Email
8- Facebook
9- Foursquare
10- Game Pad
11- GLCD
12- GPS
13- Gravity Sensor
14- Gyroscope Sensor
15- Internet
16- Keyboard
17- Keypad
18- LCD
19- LED
20- Light Sensor
21- Magnetometer Sensor
22- Mic
23- Music Player
24- NFC
25- Notifications
26- Orientation Sensor
27- Pattern
28- Phone
29- Pressure Sensor
30- Proximity Sensor
31- Push Button
32- Seven Segment
33- Skype
34- Slider
35- SMS
36- Temperature Sensor
37- Terminal
38- Text to speech
39- Toggle Button
40- Twitter
41- Vibration
42- Voice Recognition

We also have integrated 2 plugins to Tasker app (Beta), an event and a condition plugins, that will allow you to bring the power of hardware into you automation scripts.

Note: You actually need to have 1Sheeld hardware to be able to use this app, but you can use our new demo mode to explore its capabilities and make your buying decision later.

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If you have any problems, a suggestion, or just wanted to say hi, just drop us an email at info (AT) integreight (DOT) com and we will be very happy to answer.