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Intel® App Preview allows web designers and developers who are using the Intel® XDK to preview their apps on real devices.

Also included is a demo of the Intel® XDK APIs that shows how to use all of the features available.

Intel® App Preview is based on Apache* Cordova 3.5 and includes support for Cordova Plugin APIs, Intel® XDK Plugin APIs and Intel® App Security Plugin APIs.
Other plugin APIs are not supported.

3-finger tap to stop previewing and return to Intel® App Preview
5-finger tap for version info of Intel® App Preview and plugins
Intel® App Preview uses the Intel Clear Sans font (
Configuration-based plugin loading
The set of Cordova plugins loaded for your app running in Intel® App Preview is based on your Intel® XDK project configuration.
This gives you a better idea of whether your project is correctly configured - a more valid "preview" experience.
See this article for more information about configuring your Intel® XDK project:
Live Layout Editing allows you to see the effect of edits on your app running in Intel® App Preview as you make them in Intel® XDK Develop tab.
Remote debugging with Intel XDK
Remote debugging with Google Chrome* For set-up info and requirements:

Important note about system permissions:
Intel App Preview is a development tool that allows application developers to preview other apps that are being developed. These apps under development may utilize a wide range of capabilities. For example, Intel App Preview supports the previewing of apps that access contacts. In order to allow an app being previewed to access contacts, Intel App Preview must request permission to access contacts at install time. Currently Android only enables permissions be requested at install time, so Intel App Preview must request all permissions that any app under development might need in order to utilize any of the capabilities supported by Intel App Preview. Most of the permissions requested are not needed directly by Intel App Preview, but are needed to enable application developers to preview mobile apps under development.

About the Intel® XDK:

Write Your App
If you can write it for the web using HTML/HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript*, you can use the Intel® XDK to build it as an HTML5 web app or as a native app.

Emulate & Test
The Intel® XDK makes it easy for developers to check the look and feel of their apps with on-screen emulation on a wide variety of devices. Intel®’s App Preview app allows you to test your apps on a physical device.

Build for App Store
Once your app is finalized, move over to Intel®'s App Dev Center where you can package your HTML5 apps for distribution.

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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