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Intel® Performance Viewer is a performance analysis tool that tracks application CPU, memory and network usage and displays data in a real time graph. The widget can collect data either for a foreground application or for an entire system. You may use it for quick debugging/profiling or just to know what resources your device is using. On rooted devices, you can also gather low-level hardware performance data. The graph is displayed on top of other running applications and provides options to change its location, duration, color, transparency, and size.

The tool collects the following metrics depending on the device:
- CPU Usage
- Memory usage
- Network I/O
- Storage I/O
- CPU Frequency
- Frame Rate
- Various Battery Metrics
- Various Storage Metrics

On rooted devices you may also collect the following metrics, depending on the architecture:
- CPU Cycles
- Cache Misses
- Branch Misses
- Bus Cycles
- Instructions Retired
- Context switches
- Page Faults
- CPU Migrations

Use the Running Tasks view to see how applications are consuming system resources. Intel® Performance Monitor Viewer periodically updates the view based on the interval you specify. You can sort the view by different metrics for each running task.

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