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Are you ready for some real mind challenge? It is the hardest game you've ever played!

It is something like Rubik's cube puzzle, but be true, it's not a cube at all, it's only a board (even though logic is the same) and there is one major difference: you can move rows/columns only in pairs.
Puzzles start as 4 by 4 squares and go up to 8 by 8 with targets increasingly difficult.

There are five stages and 225 levels plus daily match (new 5 x 5 board every day). And we guarantee that every puzzle is solvable.

Graphics are inspired by Haiku poetry. Simple, but never simplistic.
Interface is Zen like clean and intuitive.

A ranking system and achievements are added to keep you even more challenged.
Completely free.
Android exclusive.

Compete against friends, family, coworkers or even total strangers.
Stretch your mind and achieve more out of life.

Train your brain and keep yourself mentally fit.
Teach yourself new ways of thinking.
Find inner peace of Mind Warrior.