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2 years

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There are various online stores, shopping malls and mart in the India offering services at customer
doorstep and resisting the growth of local businesses. But this is a time for revolution.

Local businesses should have options for expandation, so Intelikart launched its services in Delhi and
NCR regions and planning to launch in other cities too. Intelikart allows local stores keeper for
getting their business online at free of charge.

Steps for getting indexed into Intelikart :-

1. Visit and enter your Name and Mobile Number.
2. Our support team will contact you in a meantime, asking for your general details like
address, E-mail, details regarding your store.
3. Login into Intelikart business app using your e-mail or phone number and password given by our support team.
4. Choose the products that you sell on your shop and you’re done.

Key Features:

● Easy Navigation
● All services are free of charge
● Get notified when someone place order from your store
● Full privacy
● No restriction
● No payment issues as payment option is Cash on Delivery

Any type of store can be indexed into Intelikart within few hours. All you just need is a local store and a
delivery boy.