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Jaap Sahib is the morning prayer of the Sikhs. The Prayer, or Bani, was composed by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. This app features one of the five Banis that a Sikh must recite every day, and is recited by the Panj Pyare while preparing Amrit on the occasion of Amrit Sanchar. The Jaap Sahib is the first Bani (holy hymn of Guru) in the Dasam Granth. Reminiscent of Japji Sahib, it is the second prayer recited in a Sikh's morning prayer ritual. This app lets users read Japji in Gurmukhi along with English transliteration and translation. - Bring this holy Sikh morning recitation prayer anywhere - View the original transcription with English transliteration and translation - Access one of the 5 holy Banis from your Android device