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Idea of this App is to bring the holy Sikh morning recitation prayer anywhere. It helps people to view the original transcription with English transliteration and translation

Anand Sahib: This Bani is part of the Nitnem or prayer which are read by Amritdhari Sikhs in the morning. The Bani was written by Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of the Sikhs and form part of the 5 Banis that are recited daily by baptised Sikhs. The Bani appears on pages 917 to 922 of Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Scriptures. The word Anand means Complete Happiness and it is said that the person who recites this Holy Bani daily with dedication, attention and comprehension, will achieve complete happiness in life. Anand Sahib is also chanted at all religious ceremonies of the Sikhs irrespective of the nature of event, be it a marriage or death. In the beautiful composition and with the Grace of Sri Guru Amar Das, the mind and soul of a true Sikh remains steadfast and goal oriented in all circumstances of life. In an awakened mind with Guru Consciousness and intoxicated with the Nectar of Naam, one is always tuned with the Sweet Will of the Lord in all ups and downs of life, in pain and pleasure alike. His is a mind which is ever luminous with Guru Consciousness and is in perpetual intoxication of Naam and Amrit Bani, accepting without question the Hukam of the Almighty. All Dukh (Pain) and Sukh, (Pleasure) appearing the same to the devoted Sikh of the Guru