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You have been trained in an US anti air craft school and you are a part of US army and it's time to defend your country and show these terrorists who's the boss. You are trained to survive the war assault and counter attack those terrorists. Show no mercy to those who retaliate against you. The deadly air strike is approaching near the US territory. US military is equipped with the modern Rocket/Bazooka Launcher and Anti Air Craft Gun. Target the approaching copters military tanks and jets. Terrorists are also fully equipped with modern weapons and machine guns don't let the terrorists capture your home land. This is the Modern War of 2017 you have to act very quickly to clear all the bases. You have 10 different bases to defend and the attacks get heavier and heavier as the levels passes, you have to act quickly and shot your enemies down because you are straight under the attack at very start of all the levels. Challenge yourself and try to clear all of the 3D levels of ultimate war.

Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.
Challenge yourself and your friends by completing the missions or replaying and creating custom missions!

How to Play

- Aim and shoot the approaching targets.
- Use the modern bazooka to zoom and hit the target apaches and jets.
- Make sure to fully load the bazooka and buy the rockets from store.
- Load yourself with as many first aid boxes as possible, you will need a lot of them with this kind of modern war.
- You can go to the store and purchase rockets and first aid kits while playing the game through the pause screen.


- Gorgeous graphics.
- 10 3D Levels of extreme war.
- Enjoy the clean and classic arcade user interface.
- Non stop action and mass destruction aerial attacks.
- 3D flight simulation game play.