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Have you ever lost/stolen your mobile and not able to find out? No worries, Mobile tracker will help you to track your device and location of the person who has stolen it. It will automatically send you SMS and current 'co-ordinates' when ever mobile is switched on or sim is changed. It sends you SMS from the inserted sim number with location of the person if GPS or WIFI is switched on. Once you have the number, you can call back, investigate or keep track of your device by using coordinates.
Key Features:
--> Most apps only send you SMS when sim is changed but "Mobile Tracker" notify you even if you booted your mobile. Its the best and the fastest way to get notified when the mobile is stolen.
--> Simple and efficient UI to add multiple contacts to send SMS programmatically from the SIM. You can add your friends or family numbers to get yourself notified whenever mobile is lost or stolen.
---> Send email with the coordinates if sim is not inserted. WIFI or GPS must be switched on for this.
--> Easy way to register/unregister tracker service. If you don't want to get notified or want to unregister tracker service, Just one click away to do this.

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Enjoy :)

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