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"Kart Sha7n" is the first of a kind Egyptian technology that facilitate and shorten the charging card subscriber experience over his handset and increase the use of related functionality either paid or free services. In addition to the following preset features you can customized your own service for even an undefined operator

1. Charge balance ( no manual entry is needed )
2. Ability to send it by sms
3. Ability to capture it in clip board or save it for later use
4. Transfer balance
5. Check balance
6. Borrow me
7. Please call
8. History log
9. Some other light useful services
10. Social media sharing on application level

How it works:
1. Application will keep the auto focus on the prepaid card until reach the best clarity
2. Image is captured
3. Run sophisticated image processing and filtering engine
4. auto-cropping
5. Run sophisticated OCR engine
6. Auto detect the Operator network
7. Add related and needed USSD prefix and suffix ( * xxxx * xxxxx # )
8. Request correction and rebuilding
9. Auto push final correct request

Subscriber experience:
1. scratch the prepaid card
2. point with his mobile camera on the scratched 14 digit number
3. click charge
4. the amount is charged