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- Dropped your car keys in the dark and need to find it with minimal effort?

- Got to find the remote that's hiding below the couch but just too tired to move?

- Still need that second look after founding out the where about of your favorite hair pin?

Worry no more!

Flash scanner acts like a scanner device that helps you to find the keys or remote that is hidden under the seat in the car or your couch in the dark without needing you to stress your body.The Flash scanner will use the resource of the camera lens and flash doubling up as a scanner device.With your phone's flash giving ample light and your LCD screen as the monitor you'll be able to find the things you've dropped easily without fully moving your body physically.Image can also can snapped to give you an exact position of the items dropped.

Try it and you'll never stress the next time you've dropped something accidentally in the dark!