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Reads NFC tags and smart-cards and displays information on the screen.

For an ad-free version of this app, and to support further development, upgrade to the NFC Sniffer Pro.

This app allows you to explore the contents of the RFID/NFC enabled smart card transponders. This is very useful for anyone programming NFC applications, or for anyone who wants to see what transponders they are carrying around in their purse or wallet.

To scan a smart-card or NFC tag, start the app, then hold the card/tag within a few millimeters of the back of your device (you may have to swipe around a bit to find where the NCF reader is in your device).

The app displays:
* The transponder ID
* RF technologies used
* Type of transponder
* ATQA code
* Target tech classes
* Number of times this transponder has been scanned

Not all android devices support NFC. If your phone or tablet does not support NFC, a message appears on the screen to notify you, and the app closes.

By default, NFC is disabled in most handsets. To use this app, and to use NFC on your device, you must enable NFC in your device settings. If NFC is not enabled on your device, this app displays a message and exits.

This app is no better than the NFC scanner and the RFID tag you are using. Not all phone chips can read all tags. If the phone cannot read the tag, there is nothing the software can do. This app shows whatever NFC contacts the hardware reports to the OS.