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Experience as one of the first in the world the new sensational standard for navigation: augmented reality! You can see the routes and destinations in reality, not only in the map. You can switch between augmented reality view and map view mode by simply changing the position of the phone. You can't get lost anymore anywhere, the device displays all the time where home or destination locations are in the reality and also shows the route there.

Tip: When you are in a hotel trip in a foreign city, just set "Home" as your hotel in settings of the the application and you can safely explore the city without fear to get lost. You always know in what direction and and how far your hotel is and how to get there by walking.

An excellent travel companion everywhere. Search Facebook or Google places nearby, explore them and choose one to go. You can see where it is in the reality and also how to walk there. You can see also your contacts. You are guided to the place with pedestrian navigation that knows also walking paths.

Search places using key-words. Setting the GPS-centering off allows you to easy explore places all around the world.

You can set HOME - maybe when travelling you want to set your hotel that one - and be guided back whenever you want. You can't be lost any more. Never.

Complete integration to the sosial media like Facebook amd Goole's own services. But you can also find out new places on your home site, places that you did not know to even exist.

Application uses Facebook places and you need a Facebook account. You must allow application to use your account, but application does not read anything from our Facebook account or make any updates.

- Augmented Reality
- Search Facebook places nearby
- Search Google places nearby
- Search Contacts nearby
* Search places using key-words
* Setting the GPS-centering off allows you to easy explore places all around the world.
- Show places and contacts in a map
- Show places in a list
- Show places details
- Integrated to Facebook-app (when installed)
- Integrated to Google Maps and Google+ -app (when installed)
- Integrated to Contacts-app
- Show place Facebook page
- Show place in Google Maps
- Show place Google+ page
- Show contact
- Call to place (when available)
- Visit place website

- Pedestrian navigation to a place
- Set a place or current location as HOME
- Pedestrian navigation to HOME

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