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Is SafeTown installed in your community? If so, the SafeTown mobile app gives you real time visibility to public safety alerts from police, emergency services and the community.

Heading out to an important meeting and want to check for traffic accidents? Need someplace to keep up to date on local storm damage? Interested in local safety issues reported by your neighbors? Keep up with critical events and alerts in your community with SafeTown.

If you live in, or are visiting a SafeTown community, the SafeTown mobile app also allows you to report non-emergency incidents and suspicious behavior to public safety agencies or to the community.

Tree down? Suspicious activity? Lost dog? Missing person? When you see something that might be a problem, it’s time to let someone know. SafeTown let’s you send an alert to the emergency service professionals in your town, or to the SafeTown community as a whole. When you report a problem, you are doing your part to improve the overall safety and well-being of your community.

Please note that if your public safety agencies are not currently using SafeTown, you will not see alerts in your local area, but you can register to see alerts in any SafeTown community. So if you live in, are visiting or have family in a SafeTown community, the SafeTown mobile app is a great way to connect and partner with your local pubic safety agencies to make your community a safer place.

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