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2023 Themes & Keyboards
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About Art Keyboard

Inspired by great artists, this keyboard app features a collection of premium themes for your phone keyboard. What's your style? Cubist, Impressionist, Abstract? We've got something for you!

What you get when you download Art Keyboard:

★ Artistic Themes: A unique collection of expressive themes and designs for your keyboard. Not a Starry Night fan? Choose an art theme from the Themes gallery, set the key borders on or off and click Apply. That's it! The new artwork is now enriching your keyboard.

★ Stickers and GIFs: Express yourself in style with our extensive collection of stickers and GIFs. Choose from a wide range of content to add personality and fun to your chats. Let your creativity run wild and make your messages truly stand out.

★ Clipboard: Copy-pasting made easy. Our keyboard will automatically suggest texts and URL's that you copied to the clipboard. One-click and boom! your text gets pasted in the chat.

★ In-Keyboard Browser: Say goodbye to switching between apps. Our in-keyboard browser allows you to search the web, find information, and effortlessly share links while staying in the keyboard interface in your chat. Stay connected and multitask seamlessly without interrupting your conversations.

★ Limitless Customization: change keyboard size, display numbers row, configure key vibration, sound, language, autocorrect options and more, making your keyboard an extension of your personality.

With Art Keyboard your mobile communication experience reaches new heights. Say goodbye to mundane keyboards and embrace a world of creativity. Download our app now and enjoy the beauty of Art Keyboard - your ultimate typing companion.

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