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Facebook Page with beta-versions: https://www.facebook.com/jbakbrowser

In free version you can see some ads, in browser settings. You can buy pay version in general settings, which removes all ads on all adroid devices with your account

This browser features an original design and easy of use, as well as has large buttons with inscriptions, many settings options and powerful Internet search capability. Upon seeing its original design, some may say ‘This is super sweet” while others may say ‘Next, please’. Design theme can be changed in the settings.

Once the browser is installed and launched, the start-up screen opens up. Here you can see bookmarks, search history, the tools panel and smart address field.
The white rectangle below is the address field. You can use it to easily navigate to wherever you wish – just click it.
• You can enter the address or paste it in clipboard
• You can type your text. Or if you don’t want type – just speak it into the voice search.

Address bar has many buttons for web-search. It contains usual search, button ‘I am lucky’, buttons for searching images, videos, news and apps. You can also search within the currently opened page or site. Need to find something – no problem!

Over web-page you can see the color ‘magic’ button. Click it to open the main menu, long tap it for app settings.

‘I am lucky’ button opens needed web-site without google search page. Type in your text, press this button and…
• Type ‘fb’ or ‘twiter’ – press button and go to facebook.com or twitter.com. Even if you have some mistakes in text.
• Type ‘Lev Tolstoy’, ‘Ohm’s law’, ‘Machine gun’ – this opens Wikipedia page.
• Type ‘weather’ – this opens web-site with weather in your city
• Type ‘12+12’ – this opens result 24
Warning! This button may cause addiction! With this button is easy to prove that your browser better. Ask a friend, "Does your browser have the ‘I am lucky’ button? No? You are loser!" And no arguments there.

• Search history displays all texts that you searched for.
• The history includes previews of visited pages.
• The same bookmarks as in the built-in browser. You can also create bookmark folders.
• Volume buttons can be set for scrolling pages or
• Page by page scrolling, and font size increase/decrease
• Viewing of the page’s html code. Pages can be saved as html or web-archive (mht)
• Together with the webpage, you can see tabs, tools and bookmarks panels, or the address bar. This is independent panels, each can be visible or disabled, as you want.
• You can customize tools panel - just drag and drop tools which you want to see here

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