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JELLY BEAN USERS(Android 4.1 and above): In order for this application to function properly, please install this application first and then you will be able to install our jelly bean patch which will fix the jelly bean issue with this theme.

Patch is available here on Google Play: http://goo.gl/268ns3


  1. Install Go Contacts EX from here: Download Link (it's free!)

  2. Open Go Contacts Ex after it's done installing.

  3. Now click on MENU

  4. Click on THEMES

  5. Locate the theme (Theme Name) and click on theme image (it might not show up the correct image so look for the text that says the correct theme name).

  6. Now hit APPLY - hit the back button and you're all set! :)

THEME NAME: Precious Pastel Plaid
COLORS: black, white, purple, blue, green
DECOR: butterflies, plaid


  • Custom background for favorites section

  • Custom font colors

  • Custom top panel

  • Custom bottom panel

  • Custom buttons

  • Custom keypad

  • Custom keypad background

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