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Season theme for GO Contacts, designed by GNOKKIA Themes.

PLEASE note: matching Go Launcher Theme, GO SMS Theme, GO Keyboard and GO Locker! Search for Gnokkia!!!

WARNING: Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) users MAY end up with a broken theme. This may be due to a new encryption from Google Play upon download. Waiting for a fix, if the theme is not showing up directly, please send an email for a non-encrypted copy using the Gmail account you purchased with.

SEASON, the best exclusive and unique digital MULTICOLOUR SEASON theme for GO Contacts EX from Gnokkia Themes. The original beautiful theme that will make your phone shine! Tested for long time on real device in order to assure the best user experience! Get this COOL theme to make you GO Contacts more lovely and colorful.

1. This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of GO Contacts EX app in order to apply this


2. To apply the theme within GO Contacts,download it. After downloaded, it will displayed in "My Theme" Tab, click

and apply it.

Special Features:

-Special HD wallpapers from vectorial graphic art
-Unique MOU icons
-High quality graphics and all elements skinned
-Maximum readibility

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This theme only compatible with the version of GO Contacts EX, please upgrade to the version of GO Contacts EX, thank you.

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