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Have you ever been out, thinking everything is fine and that your phone will make it through the night, then all of a sudden its dead as a rock when you most need it? Do you often find yourself without a charger or outlet handy? Are you one of those people who need your phone to last until 3am? 4am?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, NeverDie is right for you!

My goal with NeverDie was to reinvent what "Battery Saver" apps are. "Battery Saver" apps can only go so far - if you're constantly using your phone, naturally you're going to run the battery down regardless of what battery saving apps or task managers/killers you have on your phone. This is because the screen of your phone uses up the most battery of all. This is, by far, the ultimate battery saver app, because 9 times out of 10, YOU are the biggest culprit in the death of your battery! NeverDie will tell you when you're going overboard and tell you when you need to charge your phone!

How does NeverDie do this?

Simply enter in the date and time until which you need your phone and hit start! NeverDie monitors your personal battery usage and uses the data collected to notify you every 30 minutes (default setting, this can be changed) if your phone is going to make it to your chosen time, or if you need to chill out/find a charger! .

This app is absolutely perfect for grade school and college students who may not always have access to an outlet or charger and need their phones to last until the end of the school day!

Another issue with many battery management apps on the Google Play store right now, is that they themselves use up a ton of your battery! This fact was taken heavily into account during the development stages. NeverDie will contribute to less than ~1% of your overall battery usage!

IMPORTANT: If you have ANY suggestions, complaints, problems, bugs, please review and comment. This app is in it's beginning stages, so I will be paying heavy attention to these. So please don't hold back your suggestions! You might see it in the next version!

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