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Kung Fu Turtle: Urban Venture

Android Casual
Offers in-app purchases ($1.37 - $13.70)
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=Game Features=

* You get to be a famous Kung Fu Turtle
* Be a kung fu master and solve more than 50 missions
* Collect all you can eat pizzas
* Special power ups
* Use the shop to buy different power ups
* Fresh graphics
* So easy to play - press the screen of the phone and your character goes up
* Cool sound effects
* Endless fun

While performing a scouting mission you got lost from the rest of your group. Luckily your jet pack is still working and you are on your way home, to the teenage turtle ninja dojo.

The long way home is filled with urban dangers - all kind of exploding mines are left in the water filled environment. Be sure to evade all obstacles and keep an eye on the speeding spears heading towards you. Reach the longest distance possible to reach the highest score.

As you know all teenage kung fu ninja turtles like pizza and so... pizza has become the only currency available. So be sure to eat as many pizzas you can even though you might be risking your life. The big pizza is worth it, it's worth a life - when you collect the big pizza you will be able to revive once.

In this urban venture you will have some divine help - be sure to position yourself in the way of the floating power-ups.

The task is going to be harder than you think.... you got more then 50 missions to complete each one bringing you to you final destination.

Quick Stats

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