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The ‘mLoyal app is an app that has been designed with pet owners in mind. We have extensively researched the pet and vet app market and compiled a list of all the outstanding features of these apps from around the world.

The features of the ‘mLoyal app include:
• push notifications for things like vaccinations, appointments and when your flea treatment is due
• refill medication requests via the app
• request an appointment by pressing only a few buttons
• ordering flea and worming products online
• report lost and found pets
• first aid advice
• one touch to call your Vet, or call an emergency after hours Vet
• plus heaps more features!

The ‘mLoyal app is simple and very easy to use and provides the convenience of online pet management.
MLoyal Pet Management Pvt. Ltd. owns, runs and manages a Mobile Application, Web Application and a Website. Through our website and mobile application we take requests for a membership that gets divided in 2 broad categories of Pet Owners and Pet Service Providers. Based on the type of membership, use and access to data is granted.

Request for registrations are further processed at our Client Servicing Center and MLoyal Smart Cards and/or RFID Animal Tags (injectible) are issued to Pet Owners with all their concerning data and reminder cycles uploaded on our system. Similarly, Smart Cards Readers are placed at MLoyal Affiliated /Approved service providers pan India, who can access pet information using our system (as per their privileges) as soon as any MLoyal Smart Card is flashed at them.

The Application will have enhanced features like geo tagging and locating MLoyal Approved Service Providers, Rating and Reviewing Service Providers, Community Engagements and Events, Making and Confirming Bookings with the vet or groomers, placing orders for pet products, sharing pictures and videos, timely reminders of vaccinations, de-worming and grooming, Free Expert Advice and Opinions, Rules, Rights and Responsibilities of Petting, Home Remedies and access to other such valuable information. Rating system will ensure that services are rendered with highest level of customer satisfaction as the objective.

Service Providers can manage their clients more efficiently and give them a pleasurable experience that helps in retaining existing and making new clients. Rating system shall ensure that all the staff members and associated professionals deal ethically and with compassion towards the animal and its owner. Patient / Client history can be managed along with treatment given/ service given, package details or fee charged history and record of prescriptions, x-rays or any such medical or grooming relevant data. The system shall store information about allergens to or immunity towards particular food, medicine, shampoo or any such thing, so that all service providers shall be informed and careful.

Treatment / Service history will ensure that pets do not undergo the same line of treatment or service over and over again as pet parent moves from one service provider to another within that city or any other place.

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