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Welcome to Crack screen Prank App. A superior split screen impact for breaking your cell phone screen and stun friends. Show glass with a straightforward Crack split on top of a diversion, a backdrop or your bolt screen with this Crack screen Prank application. This application offers you the most sensible looking pictures of split, Crack screens and shows.
Crack Screen Prank App is only a trick/mimicked application utilized for no particular reason, it reenacts the Crack screen impact to play with your best friends. It won't hurt your Phone, so don’t you worry about it. Crack Screen Prank App is a great clever application used to trick your friends. When you touch your smart phone screen, the application reenacts the broke screen and uproarious splitting sounds on your smart phone. It would seem that you utilize your finger to break and split your smart phone screen in pieces – Oh My God!! My Phone Screen got Crack. But wait, it’s just a Prank. The Crack impact is realistic to the point that every one of your friends will trust that your smart phone was Crack and they will be frightened – Holy Shit!!!
Touch your smart phone screen and the application will reenact your screen Crack. It incorporates reasonable glass broke impacts and sounds!
Now you can crack your screen by different methods:

1- Crack on TOUCH: Just one touch on the screen and screen will crack immediately.
2- Auto Crack Timer: Screen will auto crack after 5, 10, 15...seconds.

Why this is the best prank app?

Because after screen is cracked, you can still use your phone with full functionality. Crack display image will be on the top of all your applications until you exit. The Crack Display is so perfect and realistic that at once it is also hard for you to believe that your phone’s screen is okay or not, you will definitely check it. But don’t you worry, it’s just a prank. Just Install and prank your circle.

How to use!

1. Open Crack Screen Prank App.
2. Press the “Start" button.
3. Oops!!! Your Phone’s screen is cracked now!
4. Press on Left upper corner to again for repair.

The best thing is that while screen is Crack, you can utilize your smart phone to get calls and play amusements and even bolt the gadget and the screen will remain Crack! Back, Home, Recent applications just have no impacts on the Crack screen!
The best way to make fool your Best Friends. Just Install and Enjoy. It’s a Funny Package for you.

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