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A very traditional version of a classic card game with a simple user interface. Just you, your computerized opponents, the cards and a table top. As little else on the screen as possible to avoid screen clutter that only tends to get in the way of game play. One context sensitive button is all that's required.

Canasta is a game in the rummy genre of card games. Links are provided within the app to Canasta rules as written by other experts. Fully documented User Interface Help for first time users. Lots of user convenience features built in for making card selection, melds and going out.

Simple menus accessed by touching the Info button in the app's main view for help, history and statistics.

Many configurable options where appropriate to allow customization.

This may appear as "Designed for phones" on your device in the Play Store listing, but it really plays much better on tablets since the Canasta tableau requires screen real estate. Great effort has been expended to ensure this game's graphics scale nicely to larger screens and both landscape and portrait device orientations. In fact, it is really designed with tablets in mind more than phones.

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