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Teach Me 4 Kids! A game designed to keep your little one entertained while educating them at the same time.

Enjoy 5 fun and educational modules!

For children 18 months and up.

ABC - Learn the letters of the alphabet and how to pronounce each. Also learn to identify objects that begin with each letter!

123 - Can you count the fish in each color? Count the fish as they swim by! Your little one will learn color recognition as well basic counting skills in a fun, interactive activity.

Recognizing Letters - Can you identify each letter? Your child will learn to recognize the sound of letters and to identify each among a group of others. See if they can unlock all the stickers!

Addition and Subtraction - Learn basic arithmetic skills such as recognizing quantities and adding and subtracting objects.

We would really like some feedback about Teach Me in order to make necessary improvements. Click the dialog within the app to send us an email with any comments/questions or concerns. Please rate if your child enjoys Teach Me!

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